You Hurt My Fewlink

There are many kind of people in this world wif different type of habit n sometyme they donno what they are lookin' for in their daily life...
some of them will take for granted while the others will try hard to improve their life and being a better person in the future.

ryte now,got somethink that keep bother my mind n owez make me wonder why they created such a nonsense story bout myself wif that 'unknown' person..hey!listen here guys..i donno what are you talkin' bout but i hope u'ollz can stop da rumors.that was not true!damn..!i love to be friends wif everyone n u cannot asked me for not ur puppet! respect me was not a joke..if u in my 'shoes' what u gonna do? stand n lookin' wif no fewlink n juz say let it be r wait until dat kinda rumor ruin ur relationship..oh! no! ...
i hope all of this nonsense will be end soon..

p/s : selagi ALLAH mengizinkan hati ini menyayangi si dia,tidak akan saia berpaling dan menoleh pada yg lain.

Hati merasa..Otak berfikir..Jari menzahirkan :)

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